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Sep 25

Blockchain - Ethereum

The word "Ethereum" has been floating around the news and web since July 2015, and many people think that it is the same as Bitcoin, but in reality it is quite different. Whilst both do share a lot of technical similarities, Ethereum has a broader range of features and flexibility, which might explain why its market value has jumped from just US$10 at the beginning of this year to almost $400 at its peak only recently. Whether you're a user or an investor, you will want to know how this blockchain-based platform works.

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Jul 18

JavaScript Object Notation Support in SQL Server 2016

“JavaScript Object Notation is a way to store a human-readable collection of data that we can access in a logical manner”. JSON is used for exchanging data in modern web and mobile applications. In addition, JSON is used for storing unstructured data in NoSQL databases like Microsoft Azure DocumentDB. It is the main format for exchanging data between web pages and web servers using AJAX calls. JSON is currently one of the most commonly used data exchange formats.

Jun 2016

Jun 24

The Colours of Change - what change picture will you paint?

It's like deja vu!!! This week I'm teaching the APMG Change Management Certification at DDLS and yet I see another group with the same cries about how 'change' was/is handled badly at their organisations: "What communication?!?!?! Change is always sprung on us like a surprise!" "Managers don't care! We get told to suck it up or leave." "What's the point? It's going to fail anyway!" "There are so many mixed messages about the change I don't even know which one is true!" Time and time again organisations believe that they've completed 'change' just by ticking a box on a plan!

May 2016

May 10

Why should you attend ITIL® training ? To deliver the services that will make the customer happy

Services: a single word which can cause many IT organisations to come undone. One day in 1980 or so, Dad came home from work with a big box (actually it was a few big boxes). He worked for a large accountancy firm who had decided “we all need to have computers”, so he got one. It was an Apple IIe (actually it was a cheap clone of an Apple IIe), top notch stuff. So we opened the boxes and plugged everything in, turned it on and a blinking cursor appeared in the top left hand corner of the screen.

May 3

Why should you attend ITIL® training? So you understand what outsourcers and tool vendors are talking about

The words ‘de facto standard’ are applied quite often when talking about ITIL. Just to set the record straight, ITIL is not a standard, it is a set of guidelines. More importantly, it is a set of guidelines which is used by every major tool vendor, outsourcer, and provider of IT services around the globe. Because of this, being comfortable with ITIL terminology and its concepts makes managing these third party outsourcers and service providers much less complicated, if you can speak the same language as them.

Apr 2016

Apr 21

Nine Guiding Principles for the ITIL Practitioner

A service-oriented approach to IT is not something that can simply be ‘installed’ or ‘switched on’ but is instead a journey. At some point during this journey there must be a cultural shift of focus from technology to services. In other words, from what the technology is, to the outcomes that technology enables for the customer. In the recently published ITIL Practitioner Guidance (from Axelos) a set of nine ’guiding principles’ aimed at guiding organisations as a service management approach is adopted and followed.

Apr 4

Cisco Live 2016. Did you get what you came for…?

So another year has passed and we find ourselves at that time again when we review exactly what we achieved over the four days of excitement that is Cisco Live 2016. Some of the key messages to surface revolved around the ever-increasing importance of a secure network: Software Defined Networking will reach mainstream; and the Internet of Everything (IoE) is now a commercial reality. Digital Disruption was also a key discussion point and is something which will affect all businesses in the not-too-distant future. Cisco also reinforced their message around being software driven and why this will serve their customers well over the coming years.

Mar 2016

Feb 2016

Feb 4

The revised ISO Standards for Quality (ISO 9001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) – Stronger alignment to project and programme management processes

With the September 2015 release of the new revised ISO standards for Quality and Environmental Management Systems, we find a strong correlation to the main project and programme management methodologies like PRINCE2®, Agile and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®). Where organisations are complying or wishing to comply with both ISO and process methodologies, change and business process managers can take this opportunity to integrate or dovetail between some or all of these processes.

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May 26

Becoming an innovative anticipator

Last month, I talked about why there was never a better time to be an IT professional as the IT maturity curve reaches a new level. The rules have changed and a new set of skills is required today. Successful IT organisations are now striving to move beyond what was once thought of as the end goal of being a ‘strategic partner’ with the business, and now aim to become an ‘innovative anticipator’, out in front of the business, driving initiatives that are progressing and enhancing company strategy.

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