Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) - Version 9

14 Dec 2015

The security landscape is constantly changing at a phenomenal rate. To reflect these changes in threats, technology and tools EC-Council has undertaken a significant revamp of its flagship course – Certified Ethical Hacker.

What’s new in Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) V9?

CEH v9 is a comprehensive ethical hacking and information systems security auditing program that focusses on the latest security threats, attack vectors and practical hands-on demonstrations and practice of the latest hacking techniques, methodologies, tools (more than 2200 tools) and security measures.

V9 is the most lab-driven course for Certified Ethical Hacker ever – with even more advanced labs designed to test and reinforce skills learned in class.

So what’s new in this version worthy of mentioning?

You’ll find greater emphasis on security threats across a wider range of platforms, current Operating Systems (at time of publishing) and technologies – reflected by a deeper dive into mobile security (CEH v9 focuses on performing hacking techniques using mobile phones and tablets, and covers the latest mobile hacking tools);  more hands-on labs for Kali in the command line Linux environment and an entirely new section on security considerations for cloud. The new module on Cloud security focusses on threat and hacking attacks to the cloud computing technology, countermeasures to combat those attacks and provides a detailed Penetration Test Methodology for cloud systems to assist identifying threats in advance.

And, as you would expect, there’s thorough skills transfer on those hacks that continue to pose the greatest concern (again, the latest version is covered) – Heartbleed, Shellshock, Poodle, latest Trojans, virus and backdoors – plus tools/skills to combat these threats.



Q: Will the exam change?

A: Content of the Certified Ethical Hacker exam will change over time although there is no versioning of the exam. Due to ANSI accreditation requirements the exam is constantly under review to reflect current state of play and to maintain currency/relevance to employers and organisations.

Q: I have sat the V8 Certified Ethical Hacker course in the past six months but not yet written the exam – do I need to retrain prior to attempting the exam?

A: There is no need to re-sit the entire course. Best advice is to attempt the exam sooner rather than later, as the exam is continually being updated to reflect new threats and tools. Read up on new topics, tools and threats and sit some practice exams in preparation for the exam.

Q: I attended CEH v8 and passed the exam – do I need to recertify to keep my certification current?

A: No there is no need to re-sit the exam. The CEH certification is ANSI accredited and as such there are requirements to maintain your currency through Continuing Education Credits (you can find further information on this here).