Cisco Learning Credits: Untapped Gold

27 Jun 2017

How would you like free training?

It may be surprising to hear but many customers have CLCs (Cisco Learning Credits) which provide exactly that, just sitting in their company accounts waiting to be used. The reality however is all too often these CLCs are forgotten about and go mouldy after 12 months of sitting up the back of the proverbial company fridge in the vegetable crisper.

Don't let this happen to you! Make sure you find out if your company has any CLCs that could be used to fund the Cisco course you have on your wish list.

CLCs can either be purchased by your company OR (in most cases) they are bundled with Cisco projects that involve the purchase of new equipment. Instead of discounting, Cisco Account Managers can offer CLCs as part of the deal.

So how do I find them? We suggest you check with one/all of the following people.

  • Your Cisco account manager
  • Your procurement manager
  • Cisco product manager inside your company
  • Your department or line manager
  • Your company's training manager

To find out more, please visit the Cisco courses page or download the Cisco Learning Credits brochure.