Cisco Live 2017: Please stop being so disruptive

31 Mar 2017

Being my 10th anniversary of Cisco live, tradition tells me that I should have celebrated with "tin" (or diamonds if you live in the US) however no one mentioned back-aches, blisters or hang-overs. It’s certainly a big week and I have to admit to getting a little anxious leading up to the event each year but all that is quickly forgotten when the fun starts and it’s go-time for the next 96 hours.

From the very early days swapping every second year between Melbourne and Brisbane, Cisco Live has now grown so large that only Jeff’s shed is big enough to accommodate the event and its participants.

The theme in the world of solutions this year was Cisco disco with hula hoops, bell bottoms and moustaches that were even bushier than the crazy afros.

My morning ritual was to swing past the jaffle stand to pick up my obligatory slice of ham and cheese toasted heaven and then onto the free coffee station to grab my morning heart-starter.

Choirboys rocked it out on the main stage at Margaret Court Arena over at the Melbourne tennis centre with support from James Reyne and Mark Seymour. 

Participants were treated to an outdoor live alfresco area titled "Live on the Green" with lawn bowls, table tennis and even croquet while the very popular Silent Disco made a return from last year.

Drinks were aplenty with the Pimms bar serving cocktails to complement the variety of foodtruck-style delights on offer.

Kevin Bloch wowed with his predictions for the year ahead along with Ken Boal urging our customers to evolve with the times or be left behind. DDLS can support you through these changes by equipping you and your team with the right skill sets through training. Our extensive team of world class instructors are there to help you on your learning journey.

If you didn’t already know, DDLS went all out with our giveaways this year with many participants scoring micro drones, Kodi media players and one very lucky attendee winning $5,000 in DDLS cash to be spent on the course of their choice.

Cisco echoed the key messaging we’ve been hearing from our customers for some time. Digitisation is here and you’d better start planning your attack. If you haven’t already authored your Digitisation Strategy, it’s time to get cracking and for those who have already got the jump on everyone else, it’s probably a good time to revisit the document to ensure it’s still relevant and actionable.

Many other topics were covered over the four days including ACI or Software Defined Networking, App DNA, Cloud, IoT and general security using ISE. DDLS has a number of courses covering these so feel free to click on the links above to learn more.  

Thanks again to everyone who attended as it’s you, our customers, who make this event such a success for DDLS and we look forward to seeing you next year with your Digitisation Strategy in hand, ready to tackle the ever changing landscape that is the Australian technology sector.