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DDLS Australia Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading ICT learning provider, today announced that is has been acquired by Arowana International Limited. Arowana is an ASX-listed operator of small and medium-sized enterprises and specialist asset manager. DDLS will now form part of Arowana’s emerging education platform, EdventureCo.

EdventureCo was established in 2017 to lead the execution of Arowana’s education strategy and is led by its CEO, experienced education executive, Sean Steele.

The Australian marketplace will continue to benefit from DDLS’s unparalleled choice of technical, project management, service management and professional development training delivered both in the classroom and via virtual technologies including DDLS Anywhere. DDLS will continue to build innovative and dynamic solutions that meet the learning and development needs of both public and private sector organisations.

“I am delighted to announce that DDLS has become part of the EdventureCo and Arowana family. With over 25 years in the Australian market and a successful and award-winning track record of delivering innovative learning solutions, DDLS is well positioned to scale-up and reach more ICT professionals and their organisations.” said Sean Steele, CEO of EdventureCo.

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