DDLS will add two additional Telepresence classrooms

28 Feb 2017

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawThis month, DDLS will add two new Telepresence rooms in Canberra, following the addition of a new Telepresence room in Brisbane in February. This will bring DDLS's total Telepresence classrooms to 20 in our training centres in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. These rooms are deployed in support of our DDLS Anywhere service. DDLS Anywhere is purpose-built to directly target the tyranny of distance that is a reality for us in Australia. Prior to DDLS Anywhere, if a DDLS client sought classroom, instructor-led training and a course was not available in their home state, their option was to travel interstate to attend the classroom. This brings with it the higher costs of travel and accommodation and the inconvenience of being away from home. DDLS Anywhere provides a way for a DDLS client to attend a course in their home state either by attending a DDLS Telepresence classroom or by using Telepresence software and attending from the location of their choice. The DDLS team has researched the best Telepresence hardware and software that we can find to deliver a training experience that is as close as possible to actually being in the classroom.

For example, this week DDLS instructor, Melvin Porter, is teaching a Citrix course from a Telepresence classroom in Melbourne. There are students in the Melbourne classroom, students in a Telepresence classroom in Sydney and a student who has connected to the Melbourne Telepresence classroom from his home in the ACT. Also this week DDLS instructor, Jim Sinclair, has flown to Melbourne to deliver a Cisco course and, as well as the students in Melbourne, a student has joined from our Telepresence classroom in Perth. This, of course, brings its own challenges in regards to timing, for example Melbourne is having lunch when Perth is having breakfast.

DDLS Anywhere does bring us a few more logistics challenges, for example our instructors have learned to adapt to the teaching environment so that both local and remote students achieve their learning outcomes, however the DDLS team is delighted to overcome these challenges because the feedback that we have from our clients is that the DDLS Anywhere experience, delivered in our Telepresence classrooms and using Telepresence software, is a high quality learning experience and its benefits easily outweigh the alternative of travelling interstate.

Thank you for choosing, or considering, DDLS for your learning journey.

Mal Shaw