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Red Hat is moving away from offering exams at the end of the course in class to using an exam kiosk system (exam centre). At the moment there are still a couple of areas (Darwin and Canberra) where Red Hat does not offer this kiosk facility, so these will still be run on the last day of the course until further notice.

To schedule your Red Hat exams using the Red Hat Exam Kiosk:

  1. Go to and click the ‘create an account’ button in the upper right.

  2. Create your account using your email address. After you have registered, you have to verify your account.

  3. A verification email is sent to your email address with a link to verify the account. This must be done within a day of creating the account or the link will not work.

  4. Clicking the verification link takes the user back to and confirms that the account has been verified.

  5. Once the account is verified, you can sign in and select the exam you would like to schedule according to the availability. You can choose the preferred date and time for your exam. If it’s not available, it will be greyed out on the selection.

  6. The Exam Scheduling process is pretty straightforward: select the exam, select a location, select a date and time, pick an available site, date, and time from the options presented, and confirm.

  7. A confirmation email will be sent to you after the registration has been completed.

DDLS offers popular Red Hat courses such as RH124 System Administration I through to RH254 System Administration III, RH318 Enterprise Virtualization, and new courses such as DO407 Automation with Ansible.

See our extensive range of Red Hat courses and certifications.

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The Australian Institute of ICT (AIICT) has introduced a new series of industry certified bootcamp programs and nationally-recognised qualifications to meet the surging demand for skilled ICT professionals in Australia.  The bootcamps support the Morrison Government’s recently announced Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) pilot, which recognises the importance of non-accredited training to support the development of skills of the future workforce. The bootcamp programs run for six months and comprise of several vendor-specific certifications. The courses include ‘Cloud Computing Certified Professional’, ‘Certified Microsoft Full Stack Developer’, ‘Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional’, ‘Growth Marketing Professional’ and ‘Certified Project Management Professional’. The decision to introduce the bootcamps follows the VET sector’s increasing move away from nationally recognised qualifications to vendor-specific, industry-certified training. According to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, preference for accredited training courses has declined steadily in recent years, with employers increasingly less satisfied that these courses provide their employees with the most relevant and important skills for their business. This has led many organisations to preference non-accredited training provided by private technology vendors such as Microsoft and AWS.