Leading your organisation up the IT Maturity Curve

28 Jan 2016

By Lou Markstrom

We’ve said it before - “There has never been a better time to be an IT Professional or Leader”.  With all the changes, challenges and adaptations that are required by IT departments today, this offers the greatest opportunities to make a contribution to your organisation.

To be effective in this new world, we must also focus on the development of our IT talent and culture. In speaking with hundreds of CIOs, in the work we have done with over 3,000 IT organisations over the past 20 years, there is a new road map to be followed on today’s IT transformation journey. CIOs are more and more at the table, involved with strategic decision making. We are shifting from the belief of 'having to align' with the business to 'we are the business' and are a much more integrated strategic player on the business team.

Additionally, the IT Maturity Curve is also evolving. More specifically, the new level that has now been identified and added is that of being an 'innovative anticipator'. IT organisations are now required to move from that of a typical 'IT service provider' to being a 'strategic partner' and then beyond to being a high-performing 'innovative anticipator'.



Stage 1: IT is viewed simply as a supplier or order taker

Stage 2: IT is viewed as an element to be brought into and considered in the process of an initiative

Stage 3: IT is a true partner and 'at the table' in projects, strategy, and initiatives

Stage 4: IT is out in front of the business driving solutions and initiatives that are progressing and enhancing business strategy

At what stage would you currently place your organisation? Of course you will have members of your team at all levels of the curve, but where would the overall organisation sit? And what would be the benefit available if you could shift your entire team up the curve?

In our upcoming free one-hour webinar on 17 February, I will give you key tips to learn how to start building, leading and developing your IT culture up the IT Maturity Curve, including:

  • A clear roadmap that you can follow to navigate the IT transformation journey of your organisation
  • The changing role of the IT Leader
  • Four critical elements of a high performance organisational environment
  • Seven characteristics of a Client Service Culture
  • How to best communicate IT’s value to your stakeholders
  • The required next actions to take based on where you sit on the IT Maturity Curve

The session also dives into the pathway, skill gaps and transformation required to move from a typical 'IT Service provider' to a 'Strategic Partner' and then beyond to being a high performing 'Innovative Anticipator'. 

We invite anyone who is in, or aspiring to be in, an IT leadership role to register and join our free webinar.