The CEO's Corner: 2016 Microsoft Learning Partner Award

01 Jun 2016

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawAs you may have heard, DDLS has been awarded the 2016 Global Learning Partner of the Year award by Microsoft! This is a wonderful achievement for our team and comes in our 25th year of operation. We are grateful to Microsoft for this recognition and grateful to all of our team members, clients and suppliers who have supported us along the way. DDLS was selected for this award based on the success of a major project that we are running for one of Australia’s largest organisations. This project involves on-site classroom, technical training that is customised to the client’s environment. The scale of the project meant that DDLS needed to adjust its National operational plan to accommodate the load, and many of our team members have been involved in creating this project’s ongoing success. Of course, our dedicated instructor team has been heavily involved and I would like to share with you just one of the many stories that has occurred so far.

One of our most experienced instructors was teaching a five-day course, thousands of kilometres from home, when he was contacted by their spouse, of many years, with the terrible news of a serious illness diagnosis. It was a Wednesday, a flight was immediately arranged to return our instructor home with all of our wishes for the best possible outcome for their spouse. Once that was arranged, a second instructor was contacted on Wednesday evening to see if they could finish the course delivery. Their response was “let me check” and a short time later they were on their way to the airport to fly thousands of kilometres, to arrive in the middle of Wednesday night and be ready to deliver the last two days of the course. Our team has some knowledge of what it takes for our clients to commit their team members to training so once we have the chance to train them, we won’t give this up if we can possibly avoid it. 

I’m sure that there are similar stories in your organisations and that I benefit from the same quality service you deliver when I am your client. I think this story is a great illustration of the dedication that our team has to the highest standards of adult and corporate education; and their commitment to reliable delivery. I am sure that our track record of high quality training services delivery for over 25 years is one of the reasons why our client selected us for their project and I am very proud of our team’s selection for this global award. 

Thank you for choosing or considering DDLS for your learning journey.

Mal Shaw