The CEO's Corner: A new destination

30 Jun 2017

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawEach year, DDLS surveys its clients to identify ways that we can improve. This is in addition to the evaluations that are completed at the end of almost every course. The annual client survey differs from the student evaluations in that we seek a perspective from the employer of our students who, in most cases, is our buyer. In the survey, we always ask about obstacles to investing in training. One consistent feedback item that we receive is "Time out of the office" as a challenge to overcome when planning training.

Our view is that the greatest learning outcome is achieved if a student is offered the time to study. This is because the two to five-day courses that we run are very intensive and some of them require an exam on the last day. As well as the learning load during the classroom time, there is often homework that needs to be done to achieve the best outcome. Some of our courses are like learning a new (small) language and so we try to get our students to go into learning (sponge) mode and fully immerse themselves in the classroom lectures, workshops, pre-reading and homework to get the absolute best improvement in competency and, potentially, a certification. I think that the benefits of employers providing time for training is also shown in many of the best employer surveys where organisations that score highly on employee satisfaction or engagement tend to also have relatively high amounts of training offered to their team members.

Although there are times when, even with the best intentions, there is no time available for training, however training still needs to be completed to mitigate project risk or certify for potential promotion and many other reasons. So we are creating a new destination for our students who need to train out of hours. This brings together two services that we have been building. The first is DDLS Anywhere that offers a service where a student can join our classroom from another DDLS classroom or from a location of their choice (subject to bandwidth, etc). We have been operating DDLS Anywhere now for more than two years and now have hundreds of students using it each year. The second is the DDLS Knowledge Hub that we will release soon and will be the location for DDLS online training resources. These services will be used to deliver ITIL After Hours – our ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management that will be offered at 6:00pm-9:00pm AEST on Mondays and Fridays over three weeks.

ITIL After Hours will not be delivered in a classroom. Our facilitator and our students will all attend from the location of their choice. Online resources will be available for the three weeks duration of the course. Please let us know if you are interested in ITIL After Hours by emailing [email protected]. Also, if there is another course that you would like to see delivered this way then please let us know.

Happy New Financial Year and thank you for choosing, or considering, DDLS for a part of your learning journey.

Kind Regards
Mal Shaw