The CEO's Corner: Course Evaluation Score

29 Oct 2016

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawAs many of you will know, at the end of the majority of DDLS courses, our students are requested to complete a course evaluation. These evaluations are reviewed by DDLS managers every week so that we can monitor our students' feedback of our service levels. Our vendors also receive these reports which they use to monitor and assess the service quality levels of learning partners across the world. The course evaluation score is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for every DDLS team member and is the only KPI that applies to all roles. The evaluations vary slightly depending on the course type and can include assessments of Instructor quality, Courseware quality, Support quality, Service quality, Business Results, Return on Investment, Learning Effectiveness, Lab Experience and Environment.

DDLS just completed its FY2016 financial year and I am delighted to advise that our average course evaluation score, that aggregates the feedback of the thousands of students who have attended our courses, is 7.8 out of 9 which is above our target. We know that this level of service is at world class standards as we are consistently recognised by our vendors, over the years, with awards recognising the quality of DDLS', and our Instructors', services.

I believe that these results are due to our DDLS team members' total commitment to delivering the highest, possible service levels of adult and corporate training services. I see this in our planning when our technical instructors go to great lengths to provide virtual and physical lab environments to train our students with as much practical experience as possible before they return to the workplace. I see this when I hear stories of our instructors and facilitators searching for ways to engage learners that may not be as proficient, or had as much experience, as others while challenging the more advanced and adapting the training to all of their needs to try to get every student through the course with the best learning outcome. Classroom instructor-led training is a higher investment than other modes of delivery and we know that when our clients make this investment they want to make sure that students realise the benefit of learning more, faster, so that our client achieves its goals of improved skills development, accreditation via certification or mitigated project risk by ensuring that team members are properly trained and certified.

Our team is, also, always learning and we will do everything that we can to exceed these service levels in FY2017.

Thank for choosing, or considering, DDLS for a part of your learning journey.

Mal Shaw