The CEO's Corner: DDLS Webinar Series

27 Mar 2017

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawOver the last year, DDLS has delivered a monthly webinar to our clients on our training and consulting offerings. We started this program to showcase our subject matter experts and to provide an update to our clients on new courses and offerings across our Technology, Process and People training and consulting services range. The webinars have been well supported by our clients with attendances ranging from 50+ to 100+ and most attendees staying for the full length of the webinar. The sessions are recorded, edited and published to our YouTube channel.

Being a part of the team that plans these webinars has been an exciting experience. Our subject matter experts are hard to get, as they are mostly in classrooms delivering training or on-site delivering training and/or consulting so we prepare our schedule well in advance. We selected WebEx event centre as our delivery platform and it has done a great job of managing registrations, audio conferencing (computer audio only), reliable webinar delivery and providing collaboration tools. As we are a training organisation, we strive to make sure that every webinar is a micro training intervention so we do everything that we can to leverage the platform and use any interactive tools that are available. For example, we always try to use video for the presenter and we have recently started to use the polling feature. With 100+ attendees, it’s not possible to unmute all attendees and have an open conversation so the polls allow us to give each attendee an opportunity to engage and interact by answering a poll question. Once we see the results we can form a view about the audience and their knowledge in regards to a certain question and, once the results are published back to the audience (this only takes seconds), each attendee can see how many others agreed with their answer or not. At the end of every webinar we open up the Q&A and Chat and do our best to have our subject matter expert respond to every question from an attendee. I know that many of our attendees stay on for this part as we can all learn from the questions of others and the subsequent answers. The exciting part is to schedule the webinar and see how many RSVPs we attract and then run the webinar and see how many attend and stay. Thank you to all of our DDLS clients that have supported and enjoyed these webinars!

As we have had strong support and because we realise that DDLS clients have interests in multiple areas, we have added a second webinar each month. For the next few months (at least), we will be running one Technology webinar and one Process webinar each month. The Technology webinars are normally run by one of our Technical Instructors or another subject matter expert from one of our vendors; the last one was "What’s new with Hyper-V in Server 2016" presented by DDLS Technical Instructor Barend Koekemoer who has more than 20 years' experience in his field. The next three Process webinars will be run by our Head of Consulting, Louisa Leung. Louisa has set out to challenge myths and truths about many of the concepts in the Process world. I attended her seminar in Melbourne, "Myth Busting in Agile", and the recent DDLS Webinar she delivered, "Myth Busting the role of the Business Analyst", and found each of them to be very worthwhile and a learning experience.

We select the Webinar subjects based on the passion and interest of our subject matter experts and our knowledge of new courses that are being introduced. Our objectives are to provide more information and "tasters" of new courses to help with our clients' research in deciding what training to include in their training plans and, because we structure the webinar as a micro training intervention, to achieve small learning outcomes along the way. We would be delighted to hear from you if you have any preferences regarding future subjects for our Webinars and invite you to email any suggestions to [email protected].

The schedule of upcoming webinars is advertised here on our website. Webinar invitations are sent to our email list; if you would like to be on it you can subscribe by selecting the "Subscribe to Newsletter" button on the top of our webpage. You would also receive our monthly newsletter, uLearn.

We hope that the DDLS Webinar series can either be a way for you to access an expert when you have questions about a training path that you are thinking about or an enjoyable session with your peers, where we can all learn something new in a short time, or both!

Thank you for choosing or considering DDLS for a part of your learning journey.

Kind Regards
Mal Shaw