The CEO's Corner: I like Mondays

01 Sep 2017

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawNext Monday, a few hundred students will come to a DDLS training centre, or perhaps connect via DDLS Anywhere, to start their one to five-day courses. About 12 months ago, our schedulers, Alison and Jehan, would have consulted with State, Product and Instructor Management teams, gazed into their crystal balls and scheduled the courses, rooms and instructors.

Over the year, the instructors would study and pass the courses (sometimes required at instructor pass levels), tested, and perhaps built, the labs and identified all of the extra-curricular resources that they will include in the delivery. They may have then delivered the courses many times already. A few months ago, flights and accommodation were booked for instructors travelling interstate and courseware and labs were organised. A few weeks ago, booking confirmations were sent out that included pre-reading for some courses.

This week catering requests were sent to our providers and on Friday afternoon our instructor team will re-image hundreds of classroom workstations at six training centres so that they are ready for Monday. Our branch co-ordinators will prepare each room for the new students and, of course, make sure that the ice cream fridge is fully stocked. On Saturday, our Instructor Managers, Chris and Richard, will look through all of the evaluations from this week to identify any areas that we can improve and to provide feedback to instructors who have received outstanding praise from our students. On Sunday, instructors who are travelling interstate will leave in the afternoon so that they can be prepared and on time, on Monday morning, in their delivery location.

On Monday morning our delivery team will be ready in each training centre to welcome our new students. There is always a buzz in the air as students come in. There is a sense of nervous anticipation particularly if a student has not attended training for a while. What will it be like? Who will be in my class? Will I be able to learn it? Will I be able to pass the exam? I know how this feels as I have experienced it myself by joining courses with my colleagues and wondering what they would think of me if I attended the course and failed the exam! (Fortunately I have managed to pass, each time, so far). Following a brief introduction, DDLS instructors gather their students, guide them to the classroom and the week of learning begins!

So, I like Mondays. I like seeing the happy, smiling faces of our team members and the hopeful, focussed attitudes of our students. I know that they are all looking forward to the intensity of classroom instructor-led training. The huge amount of content that can be covered in five days. The homework. The incredible value of the practical exercises, labs and workshops and being able to do this with someone who has done it before. The joy of learning from the other students in hearing their stories and reinforcing your own learning. The feeling of achievement that you get from completing the course and, for some courses, an exam. I think that any education is a privilege and I see a similar sentiment in the comments that our students give us in their course evaluations. It's wonderful to be a part of a team that is trusted by the employers (who mostly pay for the training) of our students to deliver high quality professional training so that the employer and student both achieve real outcomes. It's challenging at times: the curriculum changes quickly, not everyone learns the same way, and various logistics and technical incidents are overcome by our team every day. However, I'm glad to say that our clients trust us to do this at a very high standard, most of the time we do and I'm sure that you would expect us to as, after all, we do it every week.

Thank you for choosing, or considering DDLS for a part of your learning journey.

Kind Regards
Mal Shaw