The CEO's Corner: Instructor Excellence Awards

09 Nov 2017

By Mal Shaw

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawAt the end of most of the courses that DDLS delivers, students are asked to complete an evaluation of their experience. The forms differ depending on the course and mostly cover a rating of the instructor, courseware, service, facilities and questions about the value of the training. Often, students include comments for example, from last week “Course instructor was very good”, “Excellent instructor” and “Good and knowledgeable instructor”. We do get a few comedians amongst our students: “Learning from the South African Bearded Biker was interesting, informative and entertaining. Will certainly recommend him for the rest of my staff” which are most welcome. Every weekend our instructor managers review all of the evaluations from the previous week and we do our best to pass on the praise to instructors that have positive feedback and where any feedback is negative we work with our team members to see how we can improve our service. The evaluations are entered on a system called Metrics that Matter which is a service from CEB which is a part of Gartner. As a part of our contracts with some of our suppliers, for example Cisco Systems, the evaluations are also sent to them so that they can evaluate our performance as a training partner. Each year some of these suppliers recognise the top instructors in the world based on the evaluations over the year.

I am delighted to recognise DDLS instructors, Rob McConnell, Percy Nemasango and Cal Turner for their Cisco Systems Instructor Excellence awards for the past year. We applaud them for the high quality of their work and the consistency of delivery over the 12 months. We’re proud to have Rob, Percy and Cal on our team along with our other 20 plus permanent instructors and more than 150 contract instructors that are experts in their fields and who strive to deliver the best learning experience possible in the deliveries that they facilitate. DDLS’ business is adapting as more training resources become available online. This provides more options for our students to create programs that are suitable to the way they learn. Some students will achieve good learning outcomes from online only training however, for the rest of us, we will need a blended experience that includes a component of instructor-led training or tutoring, coaching or mentoring. As a leader in our industry recently said to me: “People learn from people”. Our experience, at DDLS, is that there is no better way to learn more, faster than attending a five-day, intensive, instructor-led training course and those of us who have had this privilege, often funded by our employer, know that we emerge with an improvement in knowledge, skills and experience that we could not have achieved on our own in a similar time and we emerge with great admiration for our instructor who has dedicated their professional career to their area of expertise and to their training skills.

Congratulations to Rob, Percy and Cal on your outstanding professional achievement.

Kind regards
Mal Shaw