The CEO's Corner: Out with the old and in with the new

02 Sep 2016

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawIt may seem a little strange however September is the last month of DDLS’ financial year. A chance for us to review our plan and performance. An opportunity to reset our goals for the new financial year. Our 2016 year has been solid with strong support from our clients on our public courses, our Learning and Development Consulting Services and, in particular our private, customised (sometimes onsite) courses. Thank you to our clients and suppliers for your support and thank you to our DDLS team for the high quality deliveries over the past year.

DDLS will focus on, at least, the following in the year ahead:

Telepresence classroom

Over the past year we have expanded our Telepresence capacity to 18 classrooms around the country. Our clients tell us that the opportunity to attend a course, with an experience that is as close to being in the classroom as possible, but without the requirement to travel makes a lot of sense. Some of our clients choose to join our courses using a Telepresence client on their laptop from the location of their choice so we do everything that we can to make this possible. We will continue to develop this service to make our classroom instructor led training service as accessible as possible.


Internationally recognised, best practice Process training and certification

For us, 2016 has been the year of Agile, Change Management, Project Management and Managing by Project. We have seen our clients reach out for best practice when determining how to conquer their challenges and maximise their opportunities. We have planned for this for some time by building a catalogue and capability, so it is tremendously exciting to see our clients completing the best, industry leading training and certifications that we can find and deliver. Our clients are even inviting our facilitators to join their project teams as coaches to provide guidance and assurance to assist with project success. The recent additions of AgileBA® and Agile Program Management are just the latest offerings in this area. We will continue to search the world to bring the best and most up-to-date Process training and certifications to Australian organisations.


Learning and Development Consulting

Information Technology today offers organisations more than ever improving productivity, engaging staff and customers, and creation of new services. Many of our clients recognise that the full benefit of their technology investment will not be realised unless their users are trained. Our L&D Consulting team has had a great year in analysing requirements and designing, developing and delivering eLearning, training materials and classroom and virtual training services. Our team is capable of delivering these services to small teams and can scale to projects that need to train tens of thousands of users. We will continue to expand this team in the year ahead.


As always, there are old courses expiring and new courses to replace them. At DDLS it is our objective to earn the trust that our clients place in us for their learning needs by designing and developing innovative learning solutions delivered by the best and most experienced instructors, facilitators and L&D professionals that we can find.

Thank you for choosing, or considering, DDLS for your learning journey.

Mal Shaw