The CEO's Corner: Unsung Heroes

01 Dec 2016

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawFirst, let’s get the definition right: hero, a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

My thoughts this month go out to the unsung heroes in our community. I have recently seen some outstanding examples of heroism in our community. One was a snippet from a reality show that I saw on TV where there was an accident in one of the Melbourne road tunnels. A truck carrying glass panels had been forced to brake quickly with some of the panels slipping off and smashing all over the road in front of the truck. The tunnel was full and traffic formed long queues. The driver got out of the truck and started to clean up. Another person, in a ute, pulled in and parked in front of the debris. The ute driver jumped out, grabbed a broom and helped to clean up the road so that the traffic could start flowing again. This struck me as a wonderful, unselfish, personal effort that will, no doubt, go unrecognised but speaks highly of the values in our community.

This made me think about our unsung heroes in our ICT community. There are some who might say that managing ICT can occasionally be a thankless task. That is, you may only hear from stakeholders when there is an incident or problem however when all is quiet (i.e. everything is working beautifully) there may not be so much stakeholder engagement. At DDLS, we have some idea of the work and effort that goes in to making sure that ICT runs smoothly. So, to all the ICT and Process professionals out there: well done and thank you for all of your planning and design to make sure that the trains are on time, that my credit card works when I’m at the shops, that the specialist can see my X-ray and write their review and respond in record time even though they might be in another state or country, and that organisations all over Australia can operate. Thank you for all of your risk management to prepare for the unexpected and to keep us all going as any one, or any combination of any number of infinite possible scenarios unfold. As we start to think about the holiday season ahead, I would like you to know that your efforts are not unnoticed with all of us users thinking kind thoughts towards you every time we successfully use one of your applications, on your infrastructure, from our mobile, laptop, desktop, watch or sensor. Of course, things might have gone wrong, every now and again, so I can only hope that the impact wasn’t too bad and, after all, that is one of the ways that we learn. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season and we look forward to a mutually successful 2017.

Thank you for choosing or considering DDLS.

Mal Shaw