The CEO's Corner: Uschedule

31 May 2017

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawIt's quite often said that the training business is similar to the airline business. Airlines schedule planes whereas we schedule courses in rooms (including DDLS Anywhere). Rooms have seats and once we commit to a course to start on a particular day at a particular location (or not) the plane will leave at that time with the booked passengers (students) and any empty seats. I hope that you will agree that consumers and businesses benefit from the role of airlines and training companies that run a public schedule. It costs a lot to charter a plane for a particular route and so we all benefit from buying one seat and sharing the overall cost with others. In the same way, training companies provide an aggregated way for students to access training. DDLS publishes our schedule on our website and at any time we will have more than 200 courses scheduled in 45+ rooms (plus DDLS Anywhere) in 6 capital city locations for about 12 months in advance, i.e. we are managing a public schedule that contains about 2,000 course events.

We also run a private schedule. This is for clients who have assembled a team that wishes to attend a particular course. We will schedule a private course and organise the instructor, courseware, labs and facilities. These private courses can also be run on-site at our clients' premises or via DDLS Anywhere.

If we have a course that we can run but is not scheduled we display 'Register Interest' on our website. We have quite a bit of interest in courses that we have not yet scheduled so with advancements in our delivery capabilities, including DDLS Anywhere, I am delighted to launch our new service: Uschedule.

Uschedule creates the possibility for DDLS to personalise its schedule for you. If you are interested in a course that we have not yet scheduled, and we are in a position to run it, we will contact you and ask for your preferred time. Once we agree on this, we will schedule the course as a DDLS Anywhere Remote delivery. We will promote the course on our web site and via our sales and marketing. We will invite you to share our course page with your networks so that you can invite study buddies. Once we get to four bookings we will run the course as a DDLS Anywhere Remote delivery. If we get more than four who wish to attend in one of our capital city locations, we will try to schedule a classroom where the four (or more) can attend in person and remote students can join via DDLS Anywhere.

We are willing to personalise further, if needed. For example, we know that not all of our students can be out of the office, on training, for five days in a row. You may wish to attend the course three days one week and two days the next. We will look at this and, if it is possible, we would be willing to schedule it and see if, together, we can find enough students to run the course.

So, if you can't find the course you want at the time you want in the location you want, please let us know by registering your interest and the DDLS team will do our best to deliver our Uschedule service and I hope that you find this to be a more flexible way for DDLS to help you to learn more, faster.

Thank you for choosing, or considering, DDLS for a part of your learning journey.

Kind Regards
Mal Shaw