The CEO's Corner: Only 11 and a half months to go!

16 Jan 2017

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal Shaw

Welcome to 2017. I would guess that many of us have started the year with a list of new resolutions and all sorts of aspirations about the great things that we will achieve in 2017. I hope that we have got started because, as of today, there are only 11 and a half months left to get through the list and complete all items. To help this along I submit the following two tips; one that I know is best practice and one that is mine and works for me.

Tip # 1: MoSCoW

Those of you who have attended one of our Agile courses will be familiar with this acronym where the main letters stand for Must have, Should have, Could have and Won’t have. Given that we are timeboxed, that is we only have until 31 December 2017, MoSCoW can be a great way to prioritise your list and make sure that you get through the Must haves in 2017 (and maybe some of the Should haves). Click here for a reference if you would like to learn more about MoSCoW.

Tip # 2: Password prompted personal priority

My apologies for the alliterative title! For those who are like me, that is at risk of only ever getting the work tasks done and never getting to the personal tasks, this tip might work for you. If you happen to be in a role where you regularly use a password, build a reminder for your top personal priority into your password. For example, if you need to get your tax done, put the word tax, or another reminder, in your password. Of course, you also need to create the rest of your password around best practice. Here is a recent Microsoft Research paper on password guidance if you would like some more information on this.

As I regularly use my password, this tip regularly prompts me to think about my personal priority. This happens first thing in the morning and every time I log in, even if I am deeply absorbed into a task and have completely forgotten everything else that I should be doing. This method, for me, drags my most important personal priority back to the top of the list. Also, as my password is forced to change every month, I only get one month to complete my most important personal priority and then, next month, I can get on to the next one!

The team at DDLS wishes you the most successful 2017.

Kind Regards
Mal Shaw