The CEO's Corner: Why?

02 May 2016

image of DDLS's CEO, Mal ShawI have read some great books lately. The first was “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek which was recommended to me by Troy Thorne, CEO of Viiew and a member of DDLS’ Advisory Board. This book tells some great stories about marketing and human behaviour. As a part of my learning journey, I was fascinated to see Simon Sinek’s powerful Golden Circle model used to demonstrate the benefits of inquiry based learning frameworks, such as the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP), at a recent school event I attended. Of course, the challenge at the end of the book is to articulate what your own “Why?” is.  Or for me, what is DDLS’ “Why?”. After 25 years of trading the “Why?” already exists at DDLS, however as Simon Sinek describes not many companies are great at communicating it.

The second book was a gift from Michael Jenkins, Director of the Shout Agency, and is called Chapter One, by Daniel Flynn. This is a wonderful story of a social enterprise called Thankyou, that has outstanding marketing innovations. They are a leader, and an organisation that definitely knows its “Why?” and lives it every day. I think that reading this story is a life changing experience that I would like everyone to have, so for the first 100 people who contact us via this link, DDLS will send you an eBook copy of this fantastic read.

So, what is DDLS’ “Why?” What is our reason for being? Why do we exist? As you may know DDLS has 45 classrooms in Australia, in six capital cities, with about 80 permanent team members and more than 100 contract instructors and facilitators.

What do we do? Our team prepares our training centres and equips our instructors and facilitators to deliver the latest technology courses, the most renowned internationally recognised, best practice Process courses that we can find and Professional Development training that is specifically targeted at ICT Talent and Culture transformation.

How do we do it? We deliver in our classrooms, in your classrooms, via Telepresence, online and we can customise our content to deliver blended learning solutions in response to a wide range of learning requirements.

Why? Our primary delivery mode is classroom instructor-led training. This is because many of our clients recognise that this modality delivers an accelerated skills development that is difficult to achieve in other ways. Our students learn more, faster. DDLS exists so that you can learn more, faster.

Thank you for choosing, or considering, DDLS for a part of your learning journey, and I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

Mal Shaw