The Colours of Change - what change picture will you paint?

24 Jun 2016

It's like deja vu!!!

This week I'm teaching the APMG Change Management Certification at DDLS and yet I see another group with the same cries about how 'change' was/is handled badly at their organisations:

  • "What communication?!?!?! Change is always sprung on us like a surprise!"
  • "Managers don't care! We get told to suck it up or leave."
  • "What's the point? It's going to fail anyway!"
  • "There are so many mixed messages about the change I don't even know which one is true!"

    Time and time again organisations believe that they've completed 'change' just by ticking a box on a plan!

Change is not just about sending out an email to the masses or scheduling training at the end of a project. True organisational change should focus on the transition of human behaviours - letting go of the old ways and picking up the new. To do this you need to see all the colours of change.

The APMG Change Management Certification at DDLS teaches you lots of standalone change concepts which are like individual colours on a painter's palette. You can choose colours like:

  • Warm Red - Kubler Ross Change Curve
  • Cool Red - Bridges Transition Stages
  • Warm Yellow - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • Cool Yellow - Personality and Learning Styles
  • Warm Blue - Communication Channels
  • Cool Blue - Stakeholder Strategy
  • White - Resistance, Barriers, Biases
  • Black - Change Formula

...and the colours go on! If you implement change in your organisation then you need to know and understand what colour options are available on this Change painter's palette.

This Change painter's palette is rich in a variety of concepts to assist organisations in painting the right picture for change. Each change initiative is different so therefore each time you should be painting a different picture. Only then can Organisational Change be a true work of art and therefore really appreciated by organisations.

Change Mangers, Project Managers, Executive Leaders - it's time to paint this Change Picture!

I challenge anyone who thinks that Change is just a tick in a box on a plan to come on this certification course with me and see what you think after you learn the Colours of Change! 

I congratulate the latest group of certified Change Managers who all successfully passed their exams today with me. Go forth and paint that Change Picture!