The value of PRINCE2® for the individual and the organisation

04 Jul 2016

Recently AXELOS, the scheme owner of many best practice frameworks including ITIL® and PRINCE2®, released a report detailing insights into the PRINCE2 certification and its value in the marketplace. AXELOS surveyed more than 2,400 industry professionals across multiple job roles and industry sectors, with the main objective according to Nikos Paxos, Head of Programme and Project Management Products, “to better understand who is gaining PRINCE2 certification, why they are gaining it and what value do they obtain from it”. Though the primary focus of the survey was on the UK market, there was considerable response from the rest of the world, with Australia fitting into the Oceania region. Unfortunately the report does not delve significantly into our local market but the information presented is quite interesting and the trends are likely to reflect a not-so-far future in Australia.

The first part of the report breaks down respondent demographics and then follows on with analysis firstly around the PRINCE2 framework and qualification, then onto the recent addition of Agile Practitioner. A quick breakdown of the demographic of the respondents shows the majority of those who participated were professionals aged 35 to 59 years, with over 15 years’ experience, working as either Project, Programme or Portfolio Management, IT or consultancy job functions. Unsurprising considering the nature of the course context but what's interesting to see is work functions not ordinarily associated with Project Management such as HR, Marketing and Sales now showing high interest in training and certification. This goes to show that Project Management skills and certifications are scoping out beyond the traditional audience.

Asked when and why the respondents became PRINCE2 certified, the majority indicated they became accredited ten years after starting their career, but there was a significant number who obtained the learning when starting out or just into their career. This may be a result of the lack of prerequisites required to attend the training, unlike some other Project Management certifications on the market, allowing candidates to increase their capability and market their skills earlier in their career which is a very attractive proposition in a highly competitive job market. As to why they chose to be certified, career progression and skills development were the obvious responses, followed closely by job role requirement.

From a personal perspective, the respondents thought obtaining PRINCE2 certification was valuable to their career, with senior management and consultants leading the pack with a positive perception of the role PRINCE2 plays in their job role. It is not surprising then that the level of adoption was highest in senior management, consultancy and PMO.

Agile methodologies and practices have been slowly spreading beyond the world of the developer for over a decade, and the past few years has seen greater awareness and interest. There was once a perception and wariness from traditional Project Managers in the role and approach of the Agile mindset within the controlled and highly structured practices of traditional PM such as PRINCE2. Late last year AXELOS responded by introducing a new Practitioner certification with the aim to show how Agile principles and PRINCE2 can work neatly with each other. It seems this perception is shared by the PRINCE2 community with 86% of PRINCE2-certified respondents seeing the value of Agile, compared to 76% of those without PRINCE2. The value of working in an Agile way is seen as a positive across all industry sectors surveyed.

In summary, the report is an interesting insight into the position and perception of PRINCE2 within an organisation, across sectors and to the individual. To read more about the report, it can be downloaded here.

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To further see how the PRINCE2 certification fits into your career, another great resource can be found by signing up to the AXELOS site.

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