Windows 10 utilisation is on the rise

01 Aug 2016

Windows 10 utilisation and adoption is steadily increasing in the marketplace.

There is a great website I like to check out once and a while called StatCounter. According to their website, “Stats are based on aggregate data collected by StatCounter on a sample exceeding 15 billion page views per month, the information is collected from the StatCounter network of more than 3 million websites, and it measures internet usage trends.”  One piece of information they can collect that I like to look at is traffic by OS platform. This is interesting as it shows the level of activity and thus adoption in the market place in the given segment of websites monitored.  As can be seen in the first graph below, globally Windows 7 is still the leading platform, and there is still a significant gap between Windows 7 and the other platforms when compared across the globe.

Stat Counter Browser by Operation System World Wide

But compare that to the statistics coming from Australia and it gets interesting.

Stat Counter Browser by Operation System Australia

As you can see the gap between Windows 7 and other platforms is significantly smaller than that reflected in the global position.  With this current trajectory, we could expect Windows 10 to overtake the current enterprise standard, Windows 7, within just a few months.

With this reflecting the trend across the marketplace, the question is where do you and your organisation sit on the graph, and are you ready and capable to transition to the next operating system?  

Successful transition is as dependant on the adoptability of a solution as on the deployment. In terms of deployment having the right knowledge of the platform and release tools is paramount. For Windows 10 training, there are three recommended training options:

For further expertise in release and platform management, and extending your capabilities with System Center Configuration manager, I recommend attending:

Technical knowledge will get you part of the way there but implementation requires planning and control and this is where a solid knowledge of Project Management is required. There are many approaches to Project Management but two popular approaches include:

Even better, both approaches can be combined with the new PRINCE2 Agile™ Practitioner guidance.

So to this point, we have the organisational technical capability as we do the understanding of the project implementation process. But the true value will come with successful adoption of the solution and ideally with minimal impact on user productivity.   In fact many project failures contribute the lack of success not to expertise in the implementation process, but, rather in the lack of understanding on the next important discipline, organisational change management. There is a growing awareness on the importance of communication and motivation contributing to user adoption. Taking people through this transition successfully is the focus of organisational change techniques and processes.

It seems, according to the statistics above, that in the months to come many of our users will already be utilising Windows 10 at home and on their devices. The question is, will you in the enterprise?

If so then ask yourself, what will the journey of transition look like and do you have the organisational capabilities to ensure the best organisational outcomes for the business?


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