Winners of the PowerUp DDLS PowerShell Challenge

30 Oct 2015

The results are in. Thanks so much to all of those who entered our PowerShell competition. We had loads of entries with some fantastic scripts. Judging was hard and we had to be tough, eliminating any that broke the design guidelines that we put in place.

We’ve emailed the top seven entries (check your inboxes now) to send them a DDLS / Microsoft polo shirt, but now, we can announce the winners.... in reverse order.

Third prize of a Microsoft media keyboard, an Arc mouse (that bends in the middle), the obligatory memory stick and a USB charger goes to.... drum roll please.... well, it was a tough call, as we had a few scripts that made the grade. A random selection revealed, wait for it, PowerShell Script Launcher as the winner. Phillip Brown come on down! The code is right! (We did fix a tiny error in the code for you) :)

Second prize of an XBOX plus 15% off a Microsoft course of his choice.... the winner is, Chris Hales. His script, Get-OrganisationChart, provides a potentially useful function and demonstrated an interesting approach to using external resources. This utility uses the manager information stored in a User’s AD user object to produce an organisational chart for staff in a designated department. We also loved a second entry from Chris that replaced people’s photos with pictures of, well, cats. Who doesn’t love a cat picture?

First prize. And now, the climax of the awards this evening, the announcement of the first place winner. All the entries are in, Brent ran everyone in the test environment we specified, of those that got through the first round, we discussed, vigorously, the winner on the 2015 PowerShell competition, brought to you by DDLS, Microsoft and the letter P is.... Nicholas Zebegew. His script, Search-SecurityRisks, provides both interesting and useful functionality. We felt it could potentially be part of a Sysadmin’s standard toolkit. It trawls through text files looking for what could be the storing of login credentials and copies these files to a known directory for review. And for your efforts, you get over four grand's worth of official Microsoft training free, the certification exam if applicable, at least five lunches, proper coffee and a pen. No wait, there is more! Win today and we’ll include an Arc mouse, a memory stick and a media keyboard. Wow.

Mentioned in dispatches: We had a brilliantly written and well executed script, clearly written by a talented, and probably good looking, bloke called Mal Shaw. Sadly we could not award him the prize for his drive mapping script, mainly because he’s my boss and works for DDLS. Great to see someone with no PowerShell experience dive right in there. The question is, if the CEO of DDLS can PowerShell, can you?

Thanks everyone.
Gary Duffield