EC-Council Certified Secure Computer User


2 days


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In today’s security landscape, this course is essential training for all who use computers in the workplace. Learn why keeping your data secure is so important and how to keep your devices and data secure – both online and offline.

Please note that exam vouchers are included with EC-Council courses. Exams are not taken at the conclusion of the course. Exam candidates are required to book their exam after completion of the course. Your EC-Council Exam Centre Voucher will come with an expiry date. Please refer to the DDLS booking Terms and Conditions regarding exam voucher validity.

Abridged, blended seminar style/e-courseware delivery of this course is available for whole company security compliance training. Please enquire for more information.

Skills Gained
  • Understand the need and importance of data security
  • Understand malware and what it looks like on your computer
  • Learn to identify threats that emails sent to your inbox may hold
  • Learn how to protect and backup your data
  • Understand risks involved in online activities
  • Learn how to identify safe websites
  • Understand some common pitfalls associated with social networking sites and how you can make your accounts secure
  • Learn how to choose an antivirus relevant to your needs
  • Understand how to secure web browsers
Key Topics

Introduction to Data Security

  • Why is data security so important?
  • Current threats to data security
  • What losses does data security help address?
  • How to implement security

Securing Operating Systems

  • Passwords – best practice
  • Screen locks
  • Securing Windows
  • Securing OSX


  • What is it?
  • What should I be looking out for?
  • Antivirus

Internet Security

Security on Social Networking Sites

  • Geotagging
  • Social engineering
  • Twitter security

Email Security

  • Threats
  • How to secure against threats

Securing Mobile Devices

  • Threats to devices
  • Security concepts
  • Security procedures
  • How to secure iPhone and iPad
  • How to secure Android
  • How to secure Windows
  • Mobile security tools

Securing the Cloud

  • Concept
  • Threats to cloud security
  • Safeguarding against cloud security threats
  • Privacy issues
  • How to choose your cloud service provider

Securing Network Connections

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Target Audience

All end-users of computers and mobile devices.

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Basic computer skills

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