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Note, this is a half-day course. 

In today’s security landscape business executives and board members have become increasingly concerned about the security posture of their organisations and their ability to handle the consequences of a cyber breach if it should happen to them. 

This four-hour training course is specifically tailored to address what business executives and board members need to learn how with respect to how to defend their organisation against cyber threat actors and manage the risks of cyber attacks.

Consider the following cyber security statistics

  • 95% of all organisations are already compromised in some way (e.g. malware, or advanced adversary controlling their network)
  • Attackers operate an average of 227 days undetected on the network of their victim
  • The average cost of one cyber security breach in Australia is AU$2.72 million
  • In Australia, the average cost per compromised record is $141
  • Australian businesses experienced second highest customer churn rate of 4.0% after a data breach
  • Australia has the second highest detection and escalation cost of $1,400,000


Please be advised that this is a reseller course which is not held at DDLS. Students are expected to organise their own meals.

Skills Gained

In this high-level overview, you will learn about the main cyber security threats facing Australian business today and how to build a cyber security strategy fitted to your business needs and existing in-house skills, systems and processes. You will also learn steps in addressing a security breach.

Key Topics

1. Introduction to Cyber Security

  • Defining cyber security
  • What can be the consequences of being breached?
  • The quadrant of cyber security
  • The four main strategies of enterprise security
  • Security defence principles
  • What is the right cyber security mindset?
  • Introducing the main cyber threats:
    • Nation states
    • Mercenaries
    • Hacktivists
    • Insiders
    • Competitors
    • Substandard products and services 


2. Building a Cyber Security Strategy

  • How much “cyber security” do I need?
  • Understand the different ways you may get breached
  • The mechanics of building your strategy
    • Where are we now?
    • What do we have to work with?
    • Where do we want to be?
    • How do we get there?
    • Goals and objectives
  • Defining and executing an ongoing security strategy using the GSO-CTT model and the ODA Loop
  • Designing cyber security plans to address specific vulnerabilities
  • Complementing plans and strategies with the top 15 cyber security policies


3. Measuring Success

  • What to measure? i.Business drivers
    • Types of metrics
    • Selecting cyber security metrics that make sense for your business
  • Questions about cyber security that executives and board members want to ask
  • Building a cyber security dashboard - how it works
    • How vulnerable are we right now?
    • How effective are our systems and processes?
    • Do we have the right people, are they properly trained, and are they following the proper procedures?
    • Am I spending the right amount on cyber security?
    • Where you want the next round of cyber security investments to be allocated?
    • Is our security strategy still relevant to today’s threats?


4. What To Do When You Get Hacked

  • Designing an incident response plan
  • Selecting a cyber security insurance package for your organisation
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • What to do when things get bad
    • Initiating forensics and incident response
    • How to assess the damage of a breach
    • When and who to notify about the breach
    • How to adjust your defences
    • When and how to recover and resume business operations
    • How to find out why it happened and try and establish who did it
    • How to public relations and the media
    • How to work with law enforcement
    • Legal issues executives have to consider
Target Audience

Business executives, board members, leadership team members



No prior security training is required to attend this learning programme.

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Course Availability

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Pre-Course Requirements

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