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BIT400 – SAP Process Integration

  • Length 5 days
  • Price $6600 inc GST
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Why study this course

This five-day instructor-led training course builds on knowledge delivered in the BIT100 course.

You should take this course if your system still a dual-stack or dual usage of SAP Process Integration. If your system is a JAVA-only-based system meaning SAP Process Integration JAVA or SAP Process Orchestration you should attend BIT500 instead.

This course is based on software release:

  • SAP Process Integration 7.40

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What you’ll learn

This course will prepare you to:

  • Learn to configure scenarios

  • Understand and configure the different options with which a back-end system can be connected to the SAP Process Integration (formerly known as SAP Exchange Infrastructure)


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Who is the course for?

  • Business Process Architect

  • Developer

  • Developer Consultant

  • System Administrator

  • System Architect

  • Technology Consultant

Course subjects

SAP Process Integration Architecture

  • Describing SAP Process Integration Architecture

  • Explaining the Functionality and Utilisation of SAP Process Integration

The System Landscape Directory (SLD)

  • Maintaining Products and Software Components in the SLD

  • Implementing Technical Systems in the SLD

  • Maintaining Business Systems for Use in the Integration Directory

Interface Objects in the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)

  • Listing Options for Navigating the ESR

  • Analysing Interface Objects in the ESR

  • Maintaining Interface Objects

  • Defining Message Processing Types and Quality of Services

Object Mapping in the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)

  • Creating Message Mapping Objects

  • Mapping Between Service Interfaces

  • Analysing Asynchronous Integration Scenarios

Configuration of Integration Directory (ID) Communication Objects

  • Using Configuration Views

  • Creating Communication Channels in the ID

Configuration of ID Objects for ABAP Processing

  • Analysing Objects Used in the Configuration of Integration Engine (IE) Communication

  • Analysing Routing Objects Used in IE Communication

  • Analysing Multiple Receiver Objects Used in IE

  • (IE) Communication

Configuration of ID Objects for Java Processing

  • Maintaining Objects for Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE)-Only Processing

  • Maintaining Objects for Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX) Message Processing

  • Creating and Deploying Integration Flows to the AEX

Operations of SAP Process Integration

  • Using the Runtime Workbench

  • Using the Process Integration Monitoring (PIMon) Home

  • Using the SAP NetWeaver Administrator

Connectivity Options for SAP Process Integration

  • Analysing Connectivity Options between Back-End Systems with SAP Process Integration

HTTP Connectivity Options

  • Configuring the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Adapter

  • Using Proxy Technology

  • Checking the HTTP ABAP Adapter

  • Using the HTTP_AAE (Java) Adapter

File Adapter Configuration

  • Configuring the Receiver File Adapter

  • Configuring a Sender File Adapter

Intermediate Document (IDoc) Connectivity Options

  • Using the IDoc Adapter with the Receiver IDoc Adapter for the ABAP Stack

  • Using the Sender IDoc Adapter

  • Using the IDoc Adapter in the Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE)

  • Configuring a Complete IDoc Scenario

Configuration of SAP Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) Connectivity

  • Configuring the Receiver Remote Function Call (RFC) Adapter

  • Configuring the Sender Remote Function Call (RFC) Scenario

Enterprise Services and B2B Connectivity

  • Analysing Enterprise Services

  • Configuring Business-to-Business (B2B) Connectivity

Cross-Component Business Process Management (ccBPM) Integration Processes

  • Analysing the Runtime of the ccBPM

  • Identifying the Steps to Create and Use an Integration Process



  • BIT100


  • SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP Web AS

  • Basic knowledge of Integration Technologies

  • Basic Understanding of XML


DDLS offers certification and training through our partnership with SAP Inc. This arrangement requires DDLS to provide your details to SAP Inc for course and exam registration purposes.

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