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Building Personal Resilience: Emotions are Data

  • Length 1 day or 2 half-days
  • Price $550 inc GST
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Why study this course

How we manage our emotions and reactions is a critical skill in relating well to others. It would be almost impossible to be aware of the emotions of others and productively manage relationships, if at first we did not have a grasp of how to mitigate our own triggers.

This session focuses on the understanding and application of the psychological concept, Locus of Control. Participants will gain knowledge regarding where they are positioning their sphere of control and if this is helping or hindering them to achieve their goals. In this session, we share powerful stories, which demonstrate times in history where the position of control has saved lives and empowered leadership.

Throughout the day participants will reflect on where their own perception of control sits, how they feel about that and what they can do to move it to a more helpful and empowering place. They will also have the opportunity to explore new ways in which to rewire their thinking and create new neural pathways to cultivate success.

This course is appealing to aspiring, emerging and current leaders, business owners, salespeople, volunteers and teammates looking for improved personal power in all aspects of work and life. There is an optional qualification upgrade available.

This course is often delivered in two half-days instead of one full day.

Delivered by Illuminate Group – Powered by DDLS.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the basic application of the theory of Locus of Control

  • Evaluate behaviours that are considered to be internally or externally locussed

  • Develop their ability to regulate their emotions

  • Identify how to practically use the theory as a coaching/leadership tool to influence and motivate team members

  • Harness a greater level of self-regulation

  • Develop their ability to influence behaviour based on the theory

  • Implement leadership changes as a direct result of the learning

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Who is the course for?

Anyone – current leaders, new leaders, emerging leaders, employees, individuals and volunteers.

Course subjects

  • Locus of Control

  • The Stockdale Paradox

  • Ways to self-regulate


There are no compulsory prerequisites but An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence is recommended.


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