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Microsoft Teams

  • Length 1 day
  • Price $440 inc GST
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Why study this course

This one-day course is intended to help all users get started with Microsoft Teams, use messages and channels, communicate in different ways, and customise Teams settings.

Learn how to use Microsoft Teams to collaborate with your team from anywhere, anytime and any device and get an insight into functionalities and concepts that will help you make the most of Microsoft Teams.

This course will teach you how to launch your own Microsoft Teams instance for your organisation and add coworkers, organising them into different roles, such as administrator or simple members. It also covers the use of channels and message box for communication.

If you’re already a Microsoft 365 user, you will also appreciate the ability to seamlessly share Microsoft documents within Microsoft Teams and create your own wiki to share more permanent information and processes across your organisation.

Finally, this course will also cover the use of the chat and meeting functionalities, easily integrating with your current Outlook mail system and make contacting clients and partners from within Microsoft Teams a breeze.

By the end of this course, you will be comfortable using the Microsoft Teams app in your day-to-day workflow and become a key driver for change and its implementation within your organisation.

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What you’ll learn

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Create and customise a team

  • Create and customise channels

  • Manage team members

  • Communicate with team members

  • Manage meetings

  • Use chat

  • Manage files

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for users new to Microsoft Teams.

We can also deliver and customise this training course for larger groups – saving your organisation time, money and resources. For more information, please contact us on 1800 U LEARN (1800 853 276).

Course subjects

Lesson 1: Getting Started

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

  • What is Microsoft Teams?

  • Launching Microsoft Teams

  • The Microsoft Teams Interface

  • Creating a New Team

  • Adding Members to Your Team

  • Changing Teams

  • Using Microsoft Teams Desktop App

TOPIC B: Using Channels

  • About Channels

  • Viewing Channels

  • Creating a Channel

  • Marking a Channel as a Favourite

  • Following and Unfollowing a Channel

TOPIC C: Posting Messages

  • Posting a Message

  • Expanding the Compose Box

  • Editing a Message

  • Replying to a Message

  • Adding Files to a Message

  • Deleting a Message

TOPIC D: Getting Help with Microsoft Teams

  • Using the Help Center

  • Viewing New Features

Lesson 2: Communicating in Channels

TOPIC A: Managing Messages

  • Identifying New Messages

  • Marking Messages as Read and Unread

  • Liking a Message

  • Saving a Message

TOPIC B: Doing More with Messages

  • Using Mentions

  • Using Announcements

  • Viewing Your Activity

  • Searching in Teams

TOPIC C: Managing Files in a Channel

  • Viewing Posted Files

  • Creating a New File

  • Uploading a File

  • Managing Files

  • Moving Files

TOPIC D: Using the Wiki

  • Viewing the Wiki

  • Creating Wiki Content

  • Creating Sections and Pages

  • Navigating Through the Wiki

  • Accessing Section Options

  • Accessing Page Options

Lesson 3: Using Other Communication Tools

TOPIC A: Using Chat (Part 1)

  • Starting a Chat

  • Replying to a Chat Message

  • Continuing a Chat

  • Adding Other Users to the Chat

  • Using Chat Message Features

TOPIC B: Using Chat (Part 2)

  • Scheduling a Meeting from a Chat Message

  • Starting Audio or Video Calls

  • Overview of Chat Tabs

  • Managing Chats

TOPIC C: Managing Meetings

  • Using the Meetings Tab

  • Using Agenda View

  • Scheduling a Meeting

  • Editing a Meeting

  • Joining a Meeting

  • Cancelling a Meeting

TOPIC D: Managing Files in Teams

  • Using the Files Tab in Teams

  • Viewing Files

  • Managing Files

Lesson 4: Customising Channels

TOPIC A: Customising Channels

  • Renaming a Channel

  • Accessing the Channel Email Address and Link

  • Accessing the Team’s SharePoint Page

  • Deleting a Channel

TOPIC B: Adding Tabs to a Channel

  • Adding a Tab

  • Using Tab Conversations

  • Renaming a Tab

  • Removing a Tab


This course assumes that the user understands the basics of using a Windows-based computer. Students should be comfortable using the keyboard, mouse, and Start menu. Understanding and experience using a web browser is an asset, but not required.

Terms & Conditions

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