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Microsoft Office 365 – Part 2

  • Length 1 day
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Why study this course

This is the second part of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based office software suite that incorporates online services with Office Online and other Microsoft tools.

This course is intended to help Microsoft Office 365 users understand how to complete advanced tasks using its various apps and services. Topics include file storage and collaboration with OneDrive and SharePoint; using cloud-exclusive tools such as Delve and Planner; and managing users and security within Microsoft Office 365.

You may also be interested in our Microsoft Office 365 – Part 1 course which covers Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Skype for Business, and Teams.

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What you’ll learn

At the completion of this course you should be comfortable with:

  • OneDrive

  • Delve

  • Planner

You should also be able to perform administrative tasks (such as managing users and groups within Microsoft Office 365), manage domains, and use the Security & Compliance Center.

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for intermediate-level users of Microsoft Office 365 and IT Professionals who have some level of responsibility for their organisation or team’s Microsoft Office 365 environment.

We can also deliver and customise this training course for larger groups – saving your organisation time, money and resources. For more information, please contact us on 1800 U LEARN (1800 853 276).

Course subjects

Lesson 1: File Storage and Collaboration with OneDrive for Business

TOPIC A: Getting Started with OneDrive for Business

  • What is OneDrive for Business?

  • Open OneDrive for Business

  • Add Files to OneDrive

  • Create Files

  • Organise Files

  • Delete Files

TOPIC B: Collaborating Using OneDrive for Business

  • Use the Discover Feature

  • Share Files

  • What is Syncing?

  • Configure OneDrive for Business Sync

  • Sync OneDrive for Business to Your Computer

TOPIC C: Using Delve

  • What is Delve?

  • Search Using Delve

  • Add Results to Favourites

  • Share with Delve

  • Use Boards

Lesson 2: File Storage and Collaboration with SharePoint Online

TOPIC A: Getting Started with SharePoint

  • What is Microsoft SharePoint Online?

  • What is a SharePoint Team Site?

  • Navigate to a SharePoint Team Site

  • Components of a SharePoint Team Site

TOPIC B: Getting Started with Document Libraries

  • What are Document Libraries?

  • View a Document Library

  • Upload Files

  • View and Edit Files

  • Create Files

  • Delete Files

  • Sort and Filter a Document Library

TOPIC C: Working with Document Libraries

  • Use the Checkout System

  • Share Files with Others

  • View File Version History

  • Roll Back File Version History

  • Delete Versions

Lesson 3: Organising with Office 365

TOPIC A: Working with Tasks

  • What is Tasks?

  • View Your Tasks

  • Add Tasks

  • Mark Tasks Complete

  • Delete Tasks

TOPIC B: Getting Started with Planner

  • What is Planner?

  • View the Planner Hub

  • Mark Plans as a Favourite

  • View Plan Details

  • View Your Assigned Tasks

  • View Task Details

  • Manage Your Tasks

TOPIC C: Working with Planner

  • Create a New Plan

  • Add Buckets to Plans

  • Add Tasks to Buckets

  • Modify Tasks

  • Planner Views

Lesson 4: Managing Users

TOPIC A: Getting Started as an Administrator

  • What is an Administrator?

  • Open the Admin Center

  • Navigate the Admin Center

  • Use the Message Center

  • Use the Service Health Center

TOPIC B: Managing Users

  • Add a User

  • Edit a User

  • Reset a User Password

  • Delete a User

  • Add Contacts

TOPIC C: Managing Groups

  • Add a Group

  • Edit a Group

  • Delete a Group

  • Create a Distribution List

  • Add Members to a Distribution List

  • Create Shared Mailboxes

TOPIC D: Managing Resources

  • Add Rooms or Equipment

  • View Sites

  • Change Site Sharing Settings

  • Add Sites

Lesson 5: Managing Security, Compliance, and Domain Settings

TOPIC A: Managing Domains

  • What is a Domain?

  • View Current Domains

  • Add a Domain

  • Add a Domain to Email Accounts

TOPIC B: Security and Compliance

  • Open the Security & Compliance Center

  • Navigate the Security & Compliance Center

  • Create Alerts

  • Manage Alerts

  • Manage User Permissions for the Security & Compliance Center

  • Manage Data Loss Prevention Policies


This course is designed for intermediate-level users. Students should be comfortable using Windows and Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Students are encouraged to complete the Microsoft Office 365 – Part 1 course before beginning this course.

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