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OneNote 2016 – Everything You Need to Know

  • Length ½ day
  • Price $320 inc GST
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Why study this course

This half-day course aims to give users a basic understanding of the new and improved features in Microsoft OneNote 2016.

The skills acquired will enable you to effectively use OneNote 2016 to research, capture, organise and share information.

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What you’ll learn

At the completion of this course, depending on topics covered in your particular class, you should be able to do most of the following:

  • Start OneNote and open and navigate notebooks

  • Create a new simple notebook

  • Work with sections and pages in a notebook

  • Add various forms of content to a notebook

  • Gain an understanding of working with linked notes

  • Create and use Quick Notes

  • Apply formatting to note text

  • Work with note containers

  • Create and work with an outline

  • Work with tables

  • Use the drawing tools to create basic drawings

  • Create and work with tags

  • Search in notebooks

  • Create and work with a custom template

  • Apply page formatting

  • Print and export notebooks

  • Work with the security features in OneNote

  • Share and work on shared notebooks

  • Work with the Outlook integration features in OneNote

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Who is the course for?

This half-day course is designed for users who are keen to learn about using the main features of Microsoft OneNote 2016.

We can also deliver and customise this training course for larger groups – saving your organisation time, money and resources. For more information, please contact us on 1800 U LEARN (1800 853 276).

Course subjects

Topics covered can be chosen to suit the particular class and students attending. The full course manual is provided but not all topics will be covered comprehensively by the instructor on the day.

Getting to Know OneNote 2016

  • What is OneNote?

  • What Can You Do With OneNote

  • Setting OneNote 2016 as the Default App

  • Starting OneNote in Windows 10

  • Signing in to OneNote 2016

  • The OneNote Screen

  • Understanding Backstage View

  • Opening a Notebook

  • Showing and Collapsing the Ribbon

  • Using the Ribbon

  • Navigating With the Notebooks Pane

  • Working With the Notebooks Pane

  • Understanding OneNote Views

  • Changing the View

  • Closing a Notebook

  • Exiting OneNote

Your First Notebook

  • Understanding OneNote Files

  • Creating a New Notebook

  • Typing a Note

  • Creating Pages

  • Creating Subpages

  • Creating Sections

  • Creating Section Groups

Sections and Pages

  • Renaming Sections and Pages

  • Working With Page Groups

  • Moving Sections and Pages

  • Copying Sections and Pages

  • Inserting Space on a Page

  • Deleting Sections and Pages

  • Using the OneNote Recycle Bin

  • Deleting Unwanted Notebooks

Adding Content

  • Copying and Pasting Content

  • Inserting Pictures

  • Extracting Text From a Picture

  • Inserting Screen Clippings Into the Current Page

  • Inserting Screen Clippings With Send to OneNote

  • Attaching Files

  • Understanding Audio and Video Files

  • Linking to Other Pages

  • Linking to a Web Page

  • Sending Web Notes to OneNote

  • Adding OneNoteNote Web Clipper

  • Using OneNote Web Clipper

Working with Linked Notes

  • Understanding Linked Notes

  • Starting a Linked Notes Session

  • Ending a Linked Notes Session

  • Starting Linked Notes From Word or PowerPoint

  • Viewing Linked Notes

  • Removing Note Links

  • Disabling and Re-Enabling Linked Notes

  • Using the Research Pane

Using Quick Notes

  • Understanding Quick Notes

  • Creating a Quick Note

  • Keeping a Quick Note Visible

  • Reviewing Your Quick Notes

  • Moving Quick Notes to Existing Notes

Formatting Notes

  • Formatting Text

  • Using Bulleted and Numbered Lists

  • Checking the Spelling

  • Applying Styles to Text

  • Adding Paragraph Spacing

Working with Note Containers

  • Resizing a Note Container

  • Merging the Contents of Note Containers

  • Moving a Note Container


  • Creating an Outline

  • Selecting Levels in an Outline

  • Collapsing and Expanding Details

  • Moving Content in an Outline

Working with Tables

  • Inserting a Table

  • Adding Content to a Table

  • Selecting Content in a Table

  • Inserting Rows and Columns

  • Deleting Rows and Columns

  • Formatting a Table

Using the Drawing Tools

  • Understanding Pen Mode

  • Inserting Shapes

  • Drawing With the Pen Tool

  • Selecting Shapes

  • Modifying Drawings

  • Converting Ink to Text

  • Creating a Favourite Pen

Tagging Notes

  • Tagging Content

  • Creating Custom Tags

  • Modifying Tags

  • Removing Tags From Notes

  • Finding Tagged Notes

Searching Notebooks

  • Searching the Current Page

  • Using Quick Search

  • Using the Search Results Task Pane

  • Turning on Search and Text Recognition


  • Understanding OneNote Templates

  • Creating a New Page Based on a Template

  • Creating a Custom Template

  • Setting a Default Template

  • Deleting a Custom Template

Formatting Pages

  • Specifying Paper Size

  • Changing Print Margins

  • Setting Page Colours and Rule Lines

  • Adding a Background Picture

Printing and Exporting Notebooks

  • Understanding the Print Dialog Box

  • Printing With the Print Dialog Box

  • Printing From Print Preview

  • Exporting OneNote Content

  • Exporting Content as a Word File

  • Exporting Content as a PDF or XPS File

  • Exporting Content as a Web Page

  • Sending Pages in Different Formats

Security Features

  • Locking a Section With a Password

  • Locking All Protected Sections

  • Unlocking a Protected Section

  • Removing a Password

  • Setting Password Protection Options

  • Setting Backup Options

Sharing Notebooks

  • Understanding Sharing Notebooks on OneDrive

  • Creating a New Shared Notebook

  • Sharing an Existing Notebook

  • Inviting Others to Share Your Notebook

  • Opening a Shared Notebook

  • Viewing New or Changed Content

  • Searching Shared Notebooks by Author

  • Viewing Page Versions

  • Synchronising a Shared Notebook

  • Changing Permissions and Removing Users

  • Using Sharing Links

  • Accessing Shared Notebooks on the Web

Integrating with Outlook

  • Emailing OneNote Pages

  • Sending Email Messages to OneNote

  • Inserting an Outlook Meeting Into a Note

  • Creating an Outlook Task From a Note

  • Sharing a Meeting With Others


This half-day course assumes little or no knowledge of Microsoft OneNote 2016. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.

Terms & Conditions

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