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SAP Live Access gives you live, on-demand access to original SAP Education training systems. This is available to registered SAP Learning Hub subscribers (excludes the discovery edition).

Subscription period: You can purchase access in blocks of 20 hours. Each block gives you up to 30 days to carry out exercises or explore the fully configured system.
Category 1: Available systems

View the information sheet and the top five reasons why you should use SAP Live Access.

Content included:

  • Live, hands-on, on-demand access to original SAP Education training systems

  • SAP Live Access training systems support exercises and solutions in SAP Education course handbooks assigned to a specific category.


  • Execute SAP Education handbook exercises in sequential order using original SAP Education training systems

  • Explore the SAP Education training systems in learning by doing mode.


  • Individual SAP Professionals

  • SAP Consultants (Application, Technology, Development, Business Process)

  • Customer COE and IT members, SAP Administrators, SAP Project Team members

  • Business Process Owner/Team Leader, Business User, Power User, Business Process Architect


Based on software release:

  • Latest SAP software releases as well as previous releases


  • The system images are grouped into different system categories; make sure that you purchase access to the right category to support the course(s) you have purchased.

  • You can purchase SAP Live Access for a given consumption time and use it within a given consumption period (e.g. 20 hours to be consumed in 30 calendar days).

  • If either the consumption time is used up or the maximum consumption period is reached, access is automatically terminated.

  • You can start and stop your SAP Live Access system during the maximum consumption period.

  • In the beginning of your access period you might have to perform certain preparation settings in the system in order to be able to successfully do the documented exercises in the course handbooks. Clear instructions are provided to make these settings. In case of problems you can create a support ticket.

  • The purpose of SAP Live Access is individual learning. The system and all created data therein will be deleted after the expiry of the purchased consumption time/period.