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The adoption of cloud services can benefit anyone in your organization, from business decision-makers to individuals. Everyone is looking at the cloud as a game changer—whether you are an individual who wants to learn new skills or a leader looking to develop a team.

By enhancing security, efficiency, and enabling faster innovation, businesses can build teams that are more agile, foster creativity, and support organisational change.

Unlocking innovation with cloud computing training

The key to unlocking these advantages is gaining the right skills and knowledge. When you know how the cloud works, you can quickly identify and implement opportunities while avoiding pitfalls. But a global shortage of professionals with cloud expertise is a major obstacle preventing organisations from adopting a cloud-first approach.

With our partner AWS, we listed 10 reasons to learn computing:

  1. Love Your Work
    People who work with technology tend to be passionate about what they do. They enjoy solving problems, innovating, experimenting, and tackling big challenges.

  2. Validation of Skills
    An AWS Certification validates your technical cloud skills expertise.

  3. Readiness
    New issues and problems constantly arise and quickly evolve, and they can impact your organisation.

  4. Career Growth
    Digital training represents an important opportunity to position yourself for different, or greater, job responsibilities.

  5. Business Relevance
    You’ll also gain confidence in your ability to consider cloud options and make sound business and management decisions involving the cloud.

  6. Breadth and Depth
    Choose from hundreds of digital courses, totalling thousands of hours of training content.

  7. Guidance
    AWS Training and Certification offers prescriptive learning paths to get you started quickly.

  8. Creativity
    Just like learning music theory enables you to jam, a strong grounding in cloud principles empowers you to creatively explore cloud options.

  9. Credibility
    You’ll learn directly from AWS experts who have domain experience and access to the latest AWS Cloud products, services, and teaching methods.

  10. Flexibility
    You’ll have 24/7 access to high-quality, on-demand, self-paced digital training.

So, how do you decide where to begin your learning journey?

Most people start on the job, learning what’s needed to solve an immediate problem or answer a specific question. Typically, this leads to a requirement for deeper learning, customized to you and your team’s evolving needs.

Fortunately, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a vast digital training resource to help you learn and advance your skills with the AWS Cloud: AWS Training and Certification. Offering on-demand digital courses created by experts at AWS, it can help you build cloud skills and learn about services when and where it’s convenient for you.

AWS Training can help you better understand how the AWS Cloud works—and how you can use it to manage business-critical decisions with confidence and skill. AWS Training is flexible and affordable, with many digital courses available at no cost to you. For a deeper hands-on experience with an instructor, classroom and private training are available virtually. Such learning can grow your career and help drive business transformation within your organisation.

You can learn more about why you should start learning now with digital training from AWS Training and Certification. Download the full eBook here or you can check out our AWS Certification and Courses here.

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