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DDLS is delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with the Illuminate Group which will be offering professional development sessions around “People” across Australia.

The partnership has kicked off with sessions in Perth on Leading Effective Teams and Unconscious Bias.

Unconscious bias is something that affects us all, and yet has only recently become higher in the public awareness. It effects many of the everyday decisions we make, both big and small; from what we have for lunch, who to have lunch with, to who we shall hire and with which companies we will collaborate.

In fact, there are over 150 unconscious biases identified that may affect us, some more common than others. A few of the big ones have been the subject of many years of research by Harvard University’s Project Implicit.

If you would like to know more about Unconscious Bias and find a link to the Harvard study, please read the blog post on How Unconscious Bias is Holding You Back.

For more information on available sessions and calendar of events, please click here.

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