PowerUp the DDLS PowerShell Challenge

Are you Australia’s number one PowerShell scripter? Here is your opportunity to code, on DDLS’ secret service.

Are you looking for a reason to write your first PowerShell script, or are you seasoned scripter looking for a challenge?  If so, $PowerUp# The DDLS PowerShell Challenge is for you.

Your mission? Now listen carefully 007;  write a PowerShell script that is unusual, innovative, fun, useful or novel.  It needs to demonstrate the flexibility, functionality and power of PowerShell.  Go to town, go mad, just follow the brief below. Scripts that attempt global domination or bring down Fort Knox will be disqualified. 

Your reward? We did think about a Lotus Esprit in white but we discovered it didn’t actually work under water. So the winner will have to make do with an Xbox or some Microsoft computer peripherals, with thanks to Microsoft; and a five-day Microsoft course thanks to DDLS. And of course you get the glory, no odd job here, and you will be crowned Codefinger (no actual crown or gold provided). For a full list of prizes click here.

Your mission brief: Get coding, create an original script and give DDLS permission to publish/distribute the script (not for profit) with appropriate citation of the author(s). This isn’t for your eyes only, we want to share.

Your tools: Q was busy so sorry we couldn’t run to an Aston Martin, or even a tape recorder that self-destructs. But we can recommend these great resources.

Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0 Jump Start (Free)

Microsoft 10961 - Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell v3.0

Microsoft 10962 - Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell

If you do one of our courses, we’ll give you a DDLS pen - just don’t click it three times.

How will the script be judged?  A judging panel will consist of DDLS Instructors and any others believed to be competent to evaluate the scripts.  The decision of the judges will be final, and no correspondence will be entered in to.

To participate in this challenge you must comply with rules of engagement which can be found here.

You expect me to enter? No, Mr Bond, we expect you to code.

To accept and enter this mission click here!

For the full terms and conditions click here.