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Just wanted to let you know you did a fantastic job in presenting the Communication & Customer Skills for IT Professionals!!! We were advised prior to the course that you were a really good instructor, but you still exceeded my expectations. You were able to make it exciting and were able to maintain my attention for the entire time. Not usually an easy task, come 2pm.

I found it quite difficult when we given the task to respond to a situation and put the tools/knowledge we learnt into practice. I guess you would need to continually go over and over these processes for them to become as easy to carry out as you make them look. I was amazed to see how easily you could come up with the right respose for different situations.

One of my Managers asked me how the course went and when I told him how good you were he wanted your details! He is from Sydney and is a Program Manager for Inflight Entertainment. He has a few difficult customers that he would like to communicate better with. He has tried reading several books to find the answer but still hasn’t found the right approach.

Paul Leiper

Paul Leiper

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