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I attended DDLS’ Time Management course on Monday 1st June 2009 and wanted to say thank you to DDLS and my instructor Donna.

I have taken several things from the course that have helped no end! Yesterday was my first day implementing the new methodology and it is working! For the more challenging members of my team I have scheduled 20 minute slots each day at their desk (not mine) and it worked yesterday as I was able to deal with business and walk away without being followed. Obviously, coming to my desk invited general conversation that I simply don’t have time for.

I have also started closing my Outlook and opening it only once every hour which makes a massive difference as I learned that I WON’T miss anything and the most any one will have to wait is 1 hour. This has led me to actually only read an email once using the process of read & delete, read & file or read & drag into my calendar to a time slot I can commit to.

Another really great tool which I have to thank you for (and cant believe I didn’t think of this) is my task list is now broken down into sub tasks. And you know the great things is, the only items on my task list were huge (or appeared to be) hence why they were not getting done. However when breaking down the tasks, there really is nothing to them and in those smaller “bite size chunks”, they are easily achievable! Especially now that I have allocated time to each one.

I have learned that I DON’T have a rubbish memory, I just had too much in big chunks to be across it all…. This new way is much easier to track AND I left on time yesterday!

In closing, I just need to say that I cant thank you enough for the tools you have given me and my team.

Steve George

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